Tupac Rises from the Dead … Performs at Coachella [Video]


Tupac came back to life this weekend … as a hologram … and it was frickin” AMAZING!!!.

Pac was resurrected for the Coachella music festival in California … and “performed” a couple of his greatest hits … including “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” with Snoop Dogg.

We”re told the crowd went INSANE … especially when 2pac first appeared to the crowd … rising up from the ground until he was standing on the stage.

The movements were remarkably lifelike … grabbing his crotch and pointing his mic to the crowd like the good ole days.

At the end of his performance, a light shines on Pac … and he dissipates into thin air.

Pretty insane … especially for the “partiers” in the crowd … who didn”t realize it was a hologram.