‘True Blood’ Star Ryan Kwanten — REJECTED from Oscar Party

Exclusive 022513_ryan_kwanten_launchTV stars get no respect on Oscar night … just ask “True Blood” star Ryan Kwanten … who was embarrassingly REJECTED at the door of a huge Academy Awards party … and our sources caught the whole thing on tape.

Kwanten — sporting a fancy bow tie — arrived to Craig”s in Hollywood with a handler last night … when they came face-to-face with the security team guarding the front door.

Kwanten and his buddy insisted they were personally invited by Craig himself … but the bouncer wasn”t buyin” it.

Kwanten”s handler even whipped out his cell phone and got someone important on the phone to vouch for him … but when he gave the phone to the bouncer, the security guy STILL wouldn”t let him in.

Eventually, Kwanten and his buddy took the note and walked away … but not before the handler asked the bouncer which company he worked for … insinuating that heads would ROLL over the rejection.

Don”t worry Ryan … at least you”re still pretty.