Tranquilized Bear Falls from Tree (Photo)

Ever seen a bear falling out of a tree

Neither had Andy Duann, who captured this shot of a tranquilized male floating down from a tree branch at the University of Colorado Boulder. Duann, a senior and photographer for student newspaper CU Independent, got a call Thursday morning from a friend who told him that the animal had been spotted near a cluster of residence halls.

“Without brushing my teeth, I pulled my pants on and ran all the way down five floors and across the school,” he tells us.

The approximately 200-lb. bear wandered through the Bear Creek apartment complex before climbing a tree.

“He rested on a branch and stayed there for about two hours,” says Ryan Huff, a campus police spokesperson. “He was just hanging out in the tree.”

Colorado Parks & Wildlife arrived to tranquilize the bear. Police used mats from the recreation center to help cushion the animal”s landing.

“The bear landed on his back,” Huff says, “in what seemed to be a perfect landing.”

Snapping the events as they happened, Duann knew he had gotten at least one perfect shot. “I was so excited,” he says. “I was late for class, but it was such a rush.”