Tracy Morgan — Alec Baldwin Should Apologize, BUT ONLY IF …


Tracy Morgan believes his former “30 Rock” co-star Alec Baldwin should APOLOGIZE IMMEDIATELY if he used the C-word toward a black photog … claiming that particular racial slur is simply “played out.”

Morgan just appeared on the “Drex and Maney Show” on WNKS in Charlotte … and said, “If [Alec] called somebody a coon, he should apologize.”

Tracy is referring to allegations Baldwin hurled the racial slur toward a black photog working for the NY Post during a confrontation outside the actor”s NY apartment last weekend.

Morgan claims he always got along with Baldwin on the set of “30 Rock” … and he never heard Alec use a anti-black slur toward him … but says if ANYONE uses a derogatory term like the c-word, they should apologize immediately

“First of all, coon is played out,” Morgan said … adding, “but that goes for anybody. If another BLACK person calls somebody a coon, he should apologize … IF he did it.”