Tori Spelling Talks Pregnancy Woes in REDBOOK November 2013 Feature

Tori Spelling Talks Pregnancy Woes in REDBOOK November 2013 Feature

Fresh off the release of her new book “Spelling It Like It Is,” Tori Spelling landed a feature in the November 2013 issue of REDBOOK magazine.

During her interview with the publication, the 40-year-old actress/author dished about her new book and revealed the struggles she faced during her pregnancy of her youngest son Finn.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Spelling”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit REDBOOK!

On her pregnancy:
“In my book, I talk about how I felt lonely a lot during the pregnancy, because I didn”t believe I could tell the public that i was going through. Instead, I would quietly go online to comment on boards and read about other moms who were sharing stories about their pregnancies. It gave me some kind of comfort, some peace of mind, to know that there were others having these experiences. But it would have been so much more helpful to be able to connect with them in person.”

On writing “Spelling Like It Is”:
“When I was in the hospital on bed rest with Finn [for fifty days], I literally wrote chapters of my book on my phone. I created a daily journal of everything happening.”

On her new show “Mystery Girls” with Jennie Garth:
“The show is about two girls who were on a hit show in the nineties – a little bit of a wink at “90210” and our real lives – then went their separate ways. They played detectives on TV, and when they come back together it”s because a crime needs to be re-solved. They end up figuring out that the crime-solving is what they were good at. I watched “Charlies” Angels” growing up, and that”s what “Mystery Girls” is pretty much based on. The characters solve crimes, but they always do it in fabulous heels.”