Tori Spelling Surprised with a Goat and a Chicken

Full house, happy house!

Tori Spelling said she was “really surprised” when she found out her third child was a daughter, but husband Dean McDermott couldn”t help bringing home a few more unexpected additions to his family.

“I”m thinking I want to do a little something nice for my wife,” McDermott says in this week”s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. “What would be better than a house full of animals”

The tiny new goat was meant to be a friend for the Spelling-McDermotts” other goat, Totes McGoat, while the new bird would be a playmate for the family”s pet chicken, Coco.

Spelling explains, “I believe that everyone does better with a playmate!”

Watch the clip for an exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday”s episode of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, and tune in tomorrow at 10 p.m. to catch the new episode on Oxygen.