‘Top Chef’ Alum Leah Cohen Has a Khao — You Sabotaged My Restaurant!

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Top Chef” alum Leah Cohen — who placed 6th on Season 5 of the show — is in dire straits with her NYC restaurant Pig & Khao … and now she”s suing the restaurant”s management company, blaming it for all her financial woes.

Leah filed the lawsuit against New York Restaurant Services Group — owned by famed restaurateur Rick Camac — claiming she signed a 50/50 business deal with it last year, agreeing to split ownership of her restaurant in exchange for its management services.

Leah says NYRSG agreed to oversee Pig & Khao”s operations, including finances, development, marketing, advertising, training of staff, and a bunch of other management-related tasks — but ended up getting Pig & Khao into a heap of money troubles instead.

According to Leah, NYRSG failed to pay the restaurant”s suppliers, its staff, its landlord, and even the Tax Man — resulting in massive unpaid bills and frozen bank accounts — but still insisted on paying itself a 3% management fee.

Leah — who claims to have invested $400,000 in the business with her father —  says the restaurant owes the government $47,283, her landlord is threatening to throw her out, and she”s on the brink of losing everything.

She says the restaurant is “clearly failing,” and has been operating at a loss pretty much since it opened last fall. (For what it”s worth, Pig & Khao has stellar Yelp reviews. So check it out.)

She is suing NYRSG for unspecified damages, and wants to terminate their business relationship ASAP. A rep for NYRSG had no comment.