Top 10 celebrity ice bucket challenges

From Microsoft mogul Bill Gates to pop sensation Justin Bieber, the hottest names in Hollywood have all been taking part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, the latest social media trend to raise as much money as possible for the research and treatment of motor neurone disease.

The challenge consists of filling a bucket with ice cold water, and then pouring it over yourself, all whilst being videoed as hilarious proof for the celebrities” many friends and social media followers. The drenched celebrity must then nominate a further three people to succumb to the same ice shower.

Scroll down to see our favourite celebrity videos of the challenge, from J-Lo to Kylie Jenner


After completing the challenge herself, Gwen Stefani helped to soak her husband Gavin Rossdale, along with friends Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie whom she had also nominated:


Post by Gwen Stefani.


I Knew You Were Trouble singer Taylor Swift, 24, completed the challenge alongside American actress Jaime King and a larger group standing behind them. The blonde duo donated hundreds of dollars on behalf of the whole group, and Taylor then went on to nominate Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ed Sheeran.


Taking on Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift“s nomination, 22-year-old Selena Gomez squealed as she was covered in ice cold water on her terrace at home. She then went on to nominate model friends Cara Delevingne and Suki Waterhouse as well as “James Franco…because my shirt says James Franco“:


A shirtless Justin Bieber, 20, completed his second ice bucket challenge with a considerably larger bucket. Having previously nominated Ellen DeGeneres and US President Barack Obama, the Baby singer passed the challenge on this time to his loyal fans, his “Beliebers”:


Microsoft founder Bill Gates seemed to go one step ahead, creating a more complicated contraption to pour the bucket over himself. The technology billionaire was more than happy to accept his nomination from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg:


Pop diva J-Lo is one of the latest celebrities to accept the charity challenge, showing off her perfectly toned abs in the process:


Kris Jenner, 58, managed to accidentally soak herself whilst pouring an ice-cold bucket over her daughter Kylie, 17:

Chloë Moretz,17, completed it with ease, then going on to bomb into her swimming pool nearby.


The Fault in Our Stars actor Ansel Elgort, 20, also completed his nomination and donated 500$ to charity. He captioned the video on his Instagram page “I may scream like a girl at the end, but I donated like a man!!!”, following his drenching.


One of the most famous Americans to take part in the charity phenomenon was chat show host Oprah Winfrey, who was filmed filling her bucket with ice cubes, and then screaming continuously following the shower. Oprah went on to nominate award winning English actress Helen Mirren.