Tony Parker — Winning NBA Championship Could Cost him $20 Million

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Tony Parker
and his fellow San Antonio Spurs are poised to snatch the NBA championship title from the Miami Heat … but a victory could cost Tony a fortune.

As you know … the Spurs are up 1-zip in the finals, and the odds are they could win the whole shebang, because let”s face it … the Heat players are a little haggard.

Tony is in the middle of a $20 million lawsuit over the blowout fight between Drake and Chris Brown at W.i.P. Nightclub in NYC.  Parker says he suffered lacerations to his cornea when a glass shard from a bottle struck him in the eye. 

When Parker filed the suit, he was halfway through a $50 million contract with the Spurs … and his future seemed uncertain given the eye injury.

Parker is suing the club, claiming it was negligent in not preventing the brewing brawl.

Now here”s the problem … Tony played a fantastic season this year.  He could have won MVP if he hadn”t sprained his ankle … and if LeBron James had suddenly retired. 

So the $20 million damage claim kind of goes out the window, especially if Tony gets a ring.

Here”s the good news — In a year, he”ll sign a new deal, and $20 mil may look like chump change.