Tony Hawk — Backflip Dude Adam Miller Nearly ‘Broke Himself’ Practicing Amazing Stunt

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Tony Hawk says the only thing more impressive than Adam Miller“s amazing skateboard-to-skateboard backflip — is the fact Miller survived 3 bone-crushing days of practicing the ridunkulous maneuver.

Miller was at Tony”s Southern Cali skate park when he pulled off the stunt — which Tony describes as “part gymnastics, parkour, and skateboarding.” Video of the move racked up nearly 2 million views on Tony”s Ride Channel in less than a week.

But when our sources caught up with the godfather of skateboarding he told us Miller had to bust his ass over, and over, and over … before nailing the backflip.

“He tried it for a couple days and he kinda broke himself off. He goes hard, and he takes it … one after the other just slamming into the cement.”

Tony added … Miller deserves all the attention he”s getting because “it”s hard to come up with something really brand new and different” in skateboarding.

As for attempting the backflip himself … Tony says, “I would love to try stuff like that, honestly, but I don”t have that body sense, and that gymnastics background at all.”

Uhh, it”s cool, Mr. 900 … you don”t have to prove anything to us.