Tom Cruise Sends Tabloids Into ‘Oblivion’ Over Scientology

Exclusive 0411_tom_cruise_oblivion_premier_getty
Tom Cruise has an enemies list — just like Richard Nixon — but instead of targeting Commies, Cruise is zeroing in on the anti-Scientology folks.

our sources has learned …. Cruise put mags that have written scathing stories about Suri and/or L. Ron Hubbard”s crew on the persona-non-grata list for the premiere of his movie, “Oblivion.”

Banned from the red carpet this week — US Weekly, Life & Style, In Touch and The Hollywood Reporter.

Cruise is particularly pissed at THR, which has written more than 20 unflattering Scientology stories in less than a year. As for the tabs, he”s upset that they”ve been snarking at Suri.

Cruise has sued the publisher of Life & Style and In Touch for reporting that he”d abandoned Suri … he wants $50 million for defamation.