Tom Cruise — I Never ‘Abandoned’ Suri, Defends Parenting Skills in Lawsuit

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Tom Cruise is declaring he”s a damn good dad to Suri … opening up for the first time about his divorce from Katie Holmes and how it affected his relationship with his daughter.

Cruise just filed docs in his $50 million lawsuit against the publisher of “Life & Style” and “In Touch” magazines for cover stories that claimed he “abandoned” Suri after divorcing Katie in June 2012.

In the docs, Cruise says … “I have in no way cut Suri out of my life — whether physically, emotionally, financially or otherwise.”

He goes on to cite specific times he saw his daughter in person in the months following the divorce, and says … “even during the times when I was working overseas and was not able to see Suri in person, we were (and continue to be) extremely close.”

The docs are pretty revealing … since Tom has said next to nothing publicly about the divorce from Katie.

Cruise admits he was busy shooting 2 movies when “In Touch” ran its headline, “Abandoned by Daddy” — however he says, “As my numerous emails with Suri”s mother during this time period demonstrate, I was a constant presence in Suri”s life.”

Tom”s declaration continues … “While I”m sure my daughter misses me when I am not with her (as I miss her), she is a very happy child, and we have a wonderful relationship and cheerful phone calls.”