Tom Cruise has the best surgeon

Tom Cruise at the Madrid ‘MI4′ premiere: does he have the best plastic surgeon ever?
Tom Cruise and his CO$-endorsed Fountain of Youth have arrived in Madrid for the Spanish premiere of Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol. In the past week, we’ve already seen him in Dubai, Moscow, and Berlin; and surely at this point, even Paula Patton and Simon Pegg are wondering where Katie Holmes might be and why she’s not walking the red carpet to support her manic husband. Naturally, this is a very valid question; but I’m gonna cut Katie a break here and assume that, since it’s December, maybe she’s already fulfilled her quota of contractually required appearances for the year. As such, Katie’s probably lounging comfortably somewhere atop a recharging dock in preparation for whatever creepy public displays of affection that January might bring. After all, next year will be a busy one with Tom finishing up his sensitive portrayal of Jack Reacher in One Shot and also trying to get Top Gun 2 off the ground. Tom still says that sequel is gonna happen, but I think it ultimately depends on how well MI4 fares at the box office.

Can we talk about Paula’s dress though? Honestly, she’s a beautiful woman and a rising star, but this dress seems like she’s dressed up as a Kardashian for Halloween. As for Tom, well, he’s wearing his favorite faux-steel-toed lifts again. Very manly. Also, Kaiser thinks that Tom’s little leather coat makes him look like a child. I think it makes him look like he’s trying too hard to stay hip, which is par for the course.

Now for more about Tom’s miracle face. Kaiser, CB, and I were talking about how strange it is that Tom’s face looks really natural yet obviously refreshed in a cosmetic manner. Yet it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly what type of work that Tom’s had done because other aspects of his face (such as fine lines) have been strategically left “undone” to throw everyone off the scent of the surgical trail. If Tom had it his way, we’d all believe that his new face is merely the result of clean living and lots of vitamins. But we know better than that, right?