Tom Cruise Crashes Graduation Ceremony

Tom Cruise Crashes Graduation Ceremony

Hes a giant in the entertainment field, so when Tom Cruise surprised the students at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio with a graduation speech, everyone was thrilled.

The Minority Report hunk delivered a sincere address and encouraged the graduates as they prepared for the career field ahead.

Tom noted, “I really enjoyed making people laughmaking my mother laugh and my sisters laugh. And creating different characters. And I went to movies. I made money, I worked cutting lawns and delivering newspapers, selling Christmas cards since I was 8 years old, and I saved the money”

“I wasn”t in school at that time, film school, acting school or anything like that, I just knew I loved movies. And that”s what I did: I went to a lot of movies.”

Cruise continued, “I took four classes at a neighborhood playhousenot at the school itself. I took their night classes [because] I couldn”t afford the regular school. And then I got a film called Taps!”

“We had four weeks of rehearsals, and I was shooting with Timothy Huttonthere”s Sean Penn, his first film, George C. Scottit was an incredible experience for me. I really didn”t have what they call formal training, but the thing that I always felt about myself in life is that I”m making the decisions, for better or worse, right or wrongAt night, I couldn”t sleep, because I thought, “This is my dream.””