Tom Cruise and Suri — Sleepover at Daddy’s Place

Exclusive Details 0718_tom_cruise_suri_Splash
Tom Cruise capped off his first day back with Suri with a fancy sleepover at his swanky Manhattan hotel … and now the father-daughter duo is all set for another day of fun, excitement and helicopters.

Tom just left The Greenwich Hotel … with Suri wrapped up in his arms. Seems Cruise is doing everything in his power to make sure Suri feels comfortable:

Security blanket Check.
Dolly Check.
Stuffed animal Check.

We”re told Tom rented out 3 suites for himself and staff … so they had all sorts of room to play and hang out.

As for today … Tom and Suri just boarded a chopper … and we”re told the two have an action-packed day ahead of them … starting with another day at Suri”s gymnastics class.