Tom Arnold – I Want NOTHING To Do With Roseanne Roast

Don”t count on hearing any awkward jokes about having sex with Roseanne Barr — because her famous ex-husband Tom Arnold wants nothing whatsoever to do with her upcoming Comedy Central roast.

A rep for Tom tells our sources, the actor will NOT be reaching out to Comedy Central to participate and will say no if the network reaches out to him.

The rep adds, “He has absolutely no interest in being apart of it.” The rep explained the couple simply doesn”t talk anymore, and that”s not gonna change any time soon.

Tom and Roseanne were married from 1990-1994 — and their split was notoriously nasty, culminating in a screaming match outside the “Roseanne” set in 1994.

Years later, in a 2010 interview, Tom said Roseanne saved his life. So who knows.