Tom and Giovanna Fletcher celebrate their first wedding anniversary

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher celebrate their first wedding anniversary
He made the wedding speech of the decade, and now McFly”s Tom Fletcher is celebrating a year of wedding bliss with his wife Giovanna Fletcher at Fawnley Hall.

Speaking to ! about their life as a married couple, Tom has revealed that he has become a viral sensation thanks to his romantic wedding day speech, which he sung to the tune of some of his band”s best hits.

“I”ve got them all fooled,” joked Tom during the shoot at the Tudor Hall in Northamptonshire.

“We put it up one evening for friends and family who had not been at the wedding and we woke up and it was on TV. We thought, “That”s weird!” We didn”t know it had had so many hits overnight and, in the first day, a million views. Now it”s at about ten million.”

Although the pair first became a couple at the age of 13, they have both agreed that married life has given them a mature stamp of approval.

“It has been incredible,” says Tom. “It does feel different being married, it”s difficult to say exactly what it is or in what way but I love to introduce Giovanna as my wife, and people kind of treat you differently, too.”

“I think once you”re married people know you”re serious and they have more respect for your relationship. It seems more grown up,” said Giovanna, 28.

To read more about Giovanna”s first novel, the couple”s family life and their plans for the future, pick up the latest copy of !, issue 1277, on sale now.