TJ Jackson — Katherine WANTED ME to Take the Kids

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Katherine Jackson SUPPORTED TJ Jackson“s efforts to obtain temporary guardianship of Michael Jackson”s 3 children … so says TJ in court docs obtained by our sources.

TJ filed the docs with the court before today”s hearing — and in the papers, TJ claims Katherine was being manipulated by family members who were hellbent on controlling Katherine.

In fact, TJ claims one of his aunts — either Janet or Rebbie — arranged for a person to IMPERSONATE A DOCTOR to convince Katherine to blow off a concert series and instead fly with her conspiratorial children to Arizona.

TJ claims he had been assisting with the care of MJ”s children since MJ died … and even before Katherine disappeared, she placed them in his care.

According to the docs, TJ claims he finally spoke with Katherine on July 24 — and during the conversation, she “indicated to me that she supported me in taking steps that I deemed appropriate to protect [MJ”s children].”

TJ was eventually awarded temporary guardianship over Paris, Prince and Blanket.

After the hearing, Katherine contradicted TJ”s story … insisting she was “devastated” by the court”s decision.