‘Titanic’ Movie Mistakes: The 7 Biggest Messups From the 1997 Flick

Today, the 1997 blockbuster returns to theaters in three glorious dimensions, which means you can once again relive all the teary-eyed teenage memories you had watching the film over and over and over again.

However, James Cameron’s classic flick is far from perfect. Like every movie, this film is riddled with goofs: Cameras visible in scenes, props appearing and disappearing right before our eyes, facial features mysteriously moving around an actor’s face, etc.

In fact, just this week, Cameron himself admitted to making a mistake in the movie, when an astronomer pointed out that, after the ship sinks, the stars above Jack and Rose are in the wrong position. (Don’t worry, they have been correctly altered for the 3D version.)

To celebrate the return of “Titanic,” let’s take a look at 10 of the biggest messups from the film.