Tina Fey on "Late Show": My NYC Office Got Robbed

Tina Fey on

Funny woman Tina Fey paid a visit to the “Late Show with David Letterman” on Wednesday (August 21).

During her interview, the “Mean Girls” star revealed a shocking story about her New York City office.

“We”re so excited to be back in Manhattan, in this nice new office, immediately got robbed. The office got robbed immediately. And I was like, “Aw, we”re back in the big city.” So then that was the most exciting thing that”s happened,” Miss Fey explained.

“So what happened was we have this little office that has 3 people that work in the office. Our office birthday parties are terrible. And so some guys moved some stuff into the office. And then we ordered more stuff and they came back.”

“The second time they came back they said, “Oh you gotta um come down to sign the thing for the- we can”t come up until you sign.” And we were like “Ok” So people went down to sign for the delivery or whatever and then a guy, I think, one of the moving guys went upstairs and stole a computer from our office. And that had all my ideas on it.”

Tina continued ,”So we have this office and we have the surveillance video, this seems dumb because the three of us are not going to rob each other and this office and um we actually went back and were like “Oh yeah.” So weird we watched the place with just you and then some guy comes in, looks around, and comes back out with a computer and stuff in a folder.”

“So then of course we went to the police and they were very helpful, but it is hard because New York is a big city and you go like “Some guy stole my jokes” and they”re like “We”ll get right on it.””

Miss Fey then revealed the surveillance tape of the break-in, and began to narrate as the burglar began to take things from the office.

“Alright that”s our office, we”re doing great. Going in, remember no one else works there. Maybe he”s looking for a friend. Wait what”s that Does he even fold the paper. And then he”s sneaking out. He might have just been borrowing it,” Tina then joked.