Tina Fey Covers Ladies' Home Journal April 2013

Tina Fey Covers Ladies' Home Journal April 2013

With her new movie “Admission” set to hit theaters this month, Tina Fey is continuing her promotional efforts by covering the April 2013 issue of Ladies” Home Journal magazine.

The “30 Rock” star looked picture-perfect for the front page shoot while dishing about everything from keeping humor in her daily life to handling criticism.

“Humor is a great coping mechanism in real life. I know things are getting stressful if I lose my sense of humor in any situation. Part of being successful is being a good collaborator — and being smart enough to find the right people to work with,” the 42-year-old actress explained.

When it comes to instilling healthy body images for her daughters, Tina says, “One specific thing is I try not to speak badly about my own body or food things in front of them. And I never talk to them about their bodies in terms of anything but being healthy. Last winter Alice wanted to eat more and more holiday candy. I said, “Pace yourself, I don”t want you to throw up.” I said that because I was a big barfer as a kid. But our babysitter misheard me and she said, “That”s right, you don”t want to blow up. You don”t want to get big and fat!” That”s when you realize no matter how much you try to guide your children, they will always encounter other people”s weird messages.”

In regards to handling the Tina Fey haters, she admits, “When I was younger too much of my self-worth was invested in what other people thought. Mostly I cared what they said about my work — I didn”t care what they said about me personally. Though a critic once reviewed a movie I was in and said I was horse-faced. I didn”t like that. Later on I saw him at a restaurant. I felt like walking over to him and saying, “Neighhhhhhhhhhhh!””

For more on Miss Fey”s interview, be sure to pay a visit to Ladies” Home Journal and check out “Admission” in theaters March 22nd.