Tim Tebow Reveals His Pop Culture Favorites

Tim Tebow and Jennifer Aniston
Tim Tebow has quickly become a superstar in the world of football. But who are the stars that he likes to watch

The Denver Broncos quarterback reveals some of his favorite entertainers in a new interview with the New York Post.

His favorite actor Will Smith. His favorite actress Jennifer Aniston. His favorite band Well, maybe that one”s a little more complicated.

In the interview, Tebow says it”s country”s Rascall Flatts. But he seems to be a pretty big U2 fan as well, having posted a photo to Facebook of himself beaming next to Bono at the band”s May concert at Denver”s Invesco Field.

Oh, and Braveheart is his favorite movie – perhaps not surprising for a player whose warrior spirit has helped him defy the odds this season and lead the Broncos into first place in the AFC West.

As for his new-found celebrity, Tebow says he”s taking it in stride. “There are many positive things that come with that recognition. I can walk into a hospital room and can share with kids and have an impact on them,” he tells the Post. “Ultimately, that platform is a lot more important than the few people who may approach you when eating dinner.”