Tim McGraw Goes Commando on "Ellen"

Revealing perhaps a little bit more than he expected, Tim McGraw admitted on Tuesday”s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” that he was dressed sans underwear.

After noting that the country star was wearing some undies with Ellen”s name on them that she”d given him on a previous episode, the affable host asked if he was wearing the same pair right now.

When asked why not, the 45-year-old musician replied, “These pants were too tight to put underwear on,” he explained. “Now I”ve really embarrassed my daughters … what was I supposed to say”

Also during the interview, the father-of-three spoke about his decision to get sober. He shared, “When it gets to the point where you think its affecting you adversely and its affecting your relationships adversely, its time to make a change and I thought it was.”

Check out more of Tim McGraw”s appearance on “Ellen” in the player below!