Tim Allen — MARCHING BAND BIRTHDAY SURPRISE … Inside a Movie Theater!!!

Exclusive 061413_tim_allen_launch
Tim Allen
celebrated the big 6-0 last night like any newly-minted sexagenarian … by taking in a quiet movie with friends — but that plan fell through big time when a MARCHING BAND stomped through to wish him a happy birthday!!!!!

We”re told Tim”s friends were behind the birthday prank — and it”s hilarious. Tim even cracks a few zingers afterward.

For those interested, we”re told Tim and his friends rented out the whole theater to see the new “Superman” movie … but based on the reviews, the marching band was probably the highlight.

Oh yeah, if you”re wondering why the seats look so fancy at this place — it”s because this theater (called iPic in Pasadena) charges $29 a ticket. No joke.