Tiger Woods to Lindsey Vonn — Hop On, I’ll Give You a Ride

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Proving he”s always got time to help out a hot, blonde chick … Tiger Woods provided his private jet to injured skier Lindsey Vonn … so she could fly out of Austria after her devastating crash earlier this week 

Vonn — who”s rumored to be Tiger”s new “girlfriend” — boarded the jet in Salzburg this morning.

FYI, Vonn — whose divorce from ex-husband Thomas Vonn was finalized last month — has claimed she and Tiger are “just friends” … friends who share private jets.

As we reported, Vonn was competing at the Alpine World Championships in Schladming on Tuesday when she lost her balance and skidded into a gate … at top speed. Following the accident, Vonn was airlifted to a nearby hospital where she was treated for injuries to her knee and shinbone.

Luckily, it appears Vonn”s well enough now to be using crutches.

And just for fun — here”s a photo of Tiger”s smoking hot ex-wife Elin Nordegren boarding the same plane back in 2010 … which she used to travel around while she was divorcing his ass. Simpler times.