Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife — My New Boyfriend Has a WAY Bigger One

When you put them side-by-side, Tiger Woods just can”t hold a candle to Elin Nordegren“s alleged new boyfriend.  In fact, Tiger”s is WAY smaller.

Billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline has moored his mega-yacht on Florida”s swanky Jupiter Island, directly in front of Tiger”s lesser vessel.

It”s no contest all the way, with Chris” boat measuring 164 feet, and Tiger”s a tidy 155 ft.

Chris does misstep in the name game.  His Yacht is called Mine Games.  The name of Tiger”s boat is more like a plea … Privacy.

Back to size … Chris has got Tiger beat by a solid 9.

What”s that they say about the motion of the ocean