Tiger Woods — Cheating Scandal House Gets MASSIVE Facelift

EXCLUSIVE 1102-tiger-woods-construction-tmzIt”s been 3 years since Tiger Woods” ex-wife Elin Nordegren smashed his SUV with a golf club — over a massive cheating scandal that derailed his life — and now, Tiger”s finally starting to rebuild … starting with the Florida mansion where it all went downhill.

Construction is already underway at Tiger”s Windermere home — the same home where Tiger famously crashed his SUV following a blowout argument with Elin over his endless philandering … and Elin attacked the car with a freakin” golf club.

1102-tiger-woods-thanksgiving-tmzNeighborhood sources tell our sources, Tiger”s uprooting the pool and replacing it with a brand new outdoor swimming facility. We”re told he”s also adding a new deck in the backyard, as well as a new spa.

Tiger has already obtained the requisite legal docs to commence building.

It”s unclear if Tiger”s renovating the home for his own personal enjoyment, or whether he plans to sell the place.

Not like the home has bad memories or anything.