The X Factor”s Astro: Did He Redeem Himself?

Brian “Astro” Bradley is a startlingly gifted rapper, who certainly has what it takes to be on a show called The X Factor. But last week, the 15-year-old was booed on the results show after he landed in the bottom two, reluctantly performed his last-chance song for the judges and said with a pout, “I don”t want to perform for people who don”t want me here.”

L.A. Reid said he acted “like a quitter” and Simon Cowell told him, “I don”t like your attitude right now … You are showing disrespect to your mum, you”re showing disrespect to the audience at home.”

Bradley, who was eventually saved despite angering the judges, later apologized for his antics on his Facebook page – and he did so again Tuesday night.

“I made a mistake. I”m sorry and as long as I have my true fans with me, I”m straight, because they the only reason I”m still here. They vote for me every week. I really appreciate it now more than ever,” he said in a video package.

His mom, Cascia, weighed in, too: “He reacted because he was hurt. Is that really unforgiveable”

When Astro stepped on stage to perform a rap dedicated to his fans, the Astronauts, he said, “What you want me to do I”m sorry. I”m from Brooklyn.”

When it was over he spoke again: “I just want to say last week I had a moment. It got over my head a little bit. I could have had handled myself better. To Team Astro and all the Astronauts around the world but mostly hip-hop – I”ll never let you down again.”

The judges seemed to accept his apology.

“Always remain grateful because that”s what”s going to take you all the way,” Nicole Scherzinger said.

“We all have tantrums,” Cowell said. “You knew you did wrong.”

His mentor, L.A. Reid, told him, “You did the necessary thing. You humbled yourself. You apologized.”