The Wanted — We Challenge One Direction to a Boxing Match

0601-getty-wanted-one-directionThe Wanted is out for some boy band blood … challenging their squeaky-clean pop-nemesis One Direction to a 5-on-5 boxing match (however that works) … but it”s for a good cause.

Max George — The Wanted”s front man and ex-LiLo lover — told the NY Daily News​ that he and his band mate Jay McGuiness are 100% on board with the idea and not just to bash One D”s faces in, but to raise money for charity.

Max told the paper, “We would like a boxing match — them against us. It would be brilliant for TV and I have no problem with it at all.”

Plus, Max says, it would finally settle any beef between the bands — whose fans often pit them against each other on social media — explaining, “They’ve got 12 million followers on Twitter and I get that they have an army of kids, but instead of doing that … if they have got an issue, why don’t we actually do something financially — like make some money for a charity, and blow off some steam in a boxing ring.”

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