‘The Wanted’ Singer Max George — ‘Very Upset’ Over Story About His Exceptional Penis

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The Wanted singer Max George is “heartbroken” and “very upset” over a new report in which a former lover describes him as a sex god.  Seriously. He”s upset about that.

The story emerged after George split with British soap star Michelle Keegan — when an even older flame claimed she had been “sexting” George during his recent relationship with the actress.

And .. to rub salt in Keegan”s wounds … the older flame, Bobbi Aney, decided it would be a good idea to talk to the tabloids about the crazy sex she used to have with George during their 3-year relationship.

“Sometimes we would have sex six or seven times a day.,” she raved … calling him a confident lover who knows what he wants.

But a source close to George tells our sources … the singer is isn”t flattered by the public libido worship … he”s upset about it because he feels Aney only released the details to make Keegan feel worse about the breakup.

“George never wanted to hurt Michelle,” we”re told … “He”s very sad.”