The Wanted — Non-Apology for Christina Aguilera

0429_the_wanted_videoTwo days after calling “Voice” judge Christina Aguilera “a bitch” on the radio in New York, one of the guys from The Wanted seemingly apologized in one breath … and then took another shot in her in the next.

After a guest appearance on the show, the band went on 92.3 NOW in NYC and said, “She”s a total bitch. She might not be a bitch in real life, but to us she was a bitch.”

Talking outside the Mondrian Hotel today in Hollywood, the one who calls himself Tom was asked about his Xtina comments … and in back-to-back sentences he said, “We shouldn”t have said it, to be honest with you. We just think manners cost nothing, you know what I mean”

Neither does humility.