The Situation — BANNED from Showing Abs in Rehab

The Situation
must be going through an identity crisis in rehab — because our sources has learned, the treatment facility BANS excess skin exposure … including abs … as well as douchebag clothing.

our sources obtained a copy of the “wardrobe guidelines” from Cirque Lodge in Utah — where Sitch is currently undergoing treatment for substance abuse — and according to the doc, Cirque bans muscle shirts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans, hats, sunglasses, and all clothing with obscene language.

In other words — 99.999% of Situation”s clothing collection.

The guidelines also specify “no abdominal exposure” — a rule intended for the female population — but given the guy”s claim to fame … it clearly also applies to Mr. Sitch.

According to the rules, Situation also must avoid accidental thong exposure — but let”s cut the guy some slack …