The Official "Flowers in the Attic" Trailer Hits the Web: Watch Here!

The Official

Lifetime has embarked upon a creepy quest…involving a haunting rendition of Gun n Roses” “Sweet Child of Mine.” The official trailer for the channel”s newest mystery-thriller “Flowers in the Attic” just hit the web today (November 14).

Based on V.C. Andrews” controversial book, the new movie stars “Austin Powers” babe, Heather Graham and Academy Award-winner Ellen Burstyn a family matriarch.

According to the synopsis, “Four siblings are locked away to live in an attic after a mysterious family tragedy tears them from their idyllic childhood,” and the original book, which hit shelves in 1979 topped the best-sellers lists in only two weeks.

Enjoy the trailer below, and be sure not to miss the most recent remake of “Flowers in the Attic,” premiering on Sunday, January 18th on Lifetime at 8P.M.