The Next Iron Chef "Extreme" Outdoor Challenge: Video – The Next Iron Chef, TV News

Talk about making something out of nothing!

On the season premiere of The Food Network”s The Next Iron Chef: Super Chefs, the 10 contestants are brought out to the middle of nowhere, where they”re divided into two-person teams and told to build a fire and cook a meal using minimal supplies.

Check out this exclusive clip of the chefs battling heat and wind in a desert-like setting as they prepare their dishes.

“We are working under extreme conditions in the wilderness,” contestant Anne Burrell says. “The level of the cooking that is happening is some of the best ever.”

The stressful conditions also leads to tensions among some teammates.

“I dont like that at all,” contestant Alex Guarnaschelli tells her partner in the challenge, Elizabeth Falkner, commenting on Falkner”s presentation of their meal. “I think it looks messy.”

And what”s more, the pair that scores the lowest in this challenge will have to compete against each other to determine which one is eliminated.

The Next Iron Chef premieres Sunday (9 p.m. ET)