The Killing"s Murderer Speaks About "Long Journey" to Season Finale

Jamie Anne Allman
After two rainy seasons – and a meticulously crafted (and some critics may say sluggish) plot, AMC”s The Killing wrapped up its second season Sunday night and finally answered the question: Who killed Rosie Larson

Major spoilers follow, so stop reading if you haven”t seen the episode …

At first, it appeared that newly-minted Mayor Darren Richmond”s campaign manager Jamie Wright (Eric Laden) was the cold-blooded killer. And, true, he did enable Rosie”s death after beating her and placing her in the trunk of his car after discovering she overhead the details of a political deal that would threaten to ruin many – including Richmond.

But, ultimately, it was her aunt, Terry Marek (Jamie Anne Allman), who was responsible for Rosie”s tragic death. She drove the car (containing her screaming niece) into the lake, all the while unaware of who exactly was in the trunk.

Calling from Los Angeles on Monday morning, Allman shared what it”s like to be the show”s big villain, weighed in on all the Killing backlash and shared a prediction for season three.

Are you relieved this morning now that the news is out there
It feels like I can finally breathe – and I still feel a little bit like, “Really, I can talk about stuff This is weird.” We finished shooting two months ago and I found out that I was the killer … a couple hours before the table read of the last episode. [At the time] I started crying and was shocked and surprised. I felt bad for Terry. As an actor, I was like, “Oh I want to be the killer” … but then once it really came down to it, I was like, “That”s so sad.”

Do you think it”s a satisfying ending
I think so. Maybe it”s because I”m the killer. But I”m pretty fulfilled. … It”s been a long journey.

The murder was so tragic. Do you think Terry was sorry How did that inform her confession
Yeah, I think that Terry had so much self-hatred and so much guilt for having done that to her own family member because she loved Rosie so much that it made her sick. I think the confession came out the way it did because she was carrying that secret for so long at that point.

Have you gotten feedback yet from friends and viewers Do you think people are shocked
I do feel like people are fulfilled from what I”ve heard and [are] very surprised and shocked. After episode 12 … they really alluded to Eric Laden”s character [Jamie being the killer]. … I didn”t know myself, so I am sure as an audience member, they did not think I was involved at all at that point. … Unfortunately, Rosie died by the hands of Terry but Eric Laden did an amazing job. He was fantastic. And I was actually worried about that because his scenes got a lot of build up to the moment where he was shot. So when I read the finale, I was like, “Whoa, I have one scene right here. If I don”t nail this … I”m nervous.”

What about all the backlash to the show last season not resolving who the killer was Did you read that – and what did you think
Honestly, everyone”s entitled to [his or her] own opinions. For me, some of it I would read and I thought it was funny. I would laugh. I can see both sides. I see everyone”s perspective. I”m not blind to things. There”s nothing that can take away from the fact of how grateful I am to be a … part of a great cast and great crew. But yeah I was aware of all of that.

Do you think the show will be picked up for a third season Should it be
I don”t know why it wouldn”t be picked up for a third season. As far as I”m concerned, the Rosie Larson case is wrapped and it”s done and none of us are coming back, obviously. As far as I know, there”s going to be a new crime introduced and a new cast if it gets picked up for a third season.

What”s next for you
After this show, I really got into doing some stand-up. So I”ve been going to local open mics and working on my set. Once I get that down, we”ll see what happens. But it”s going really well, actually. … I”m facing my fears in that area and it”s been really cool.

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The cast of The Killing from left: Terry (Jamie Anne Allman), Mitch Larsen (Michelle Forbes) and Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton)