The Jump"s Melinda Messenger and Warren Smith"s first interview as a couple

The Jump
Melinda Messenger and her new boyfriend Warren Smith have given their first joint interview to ! magazine.

And the couple, who met when Melinda was training for reality show The Jump and Warren was the coach, admit they were taken by surprise when they first started having feelings for each other.


Melissa Messenger is dating The Jump star Warren Smith

“It was absolutely the last thing either of us was expecting when we signed up for the show,” Melinda tells ! in an exclusive photoshoot and interview.

“But we got to know each other over cups of tea and hot chocolate in between training and it was uncanny how much we connected.

“The whole thing so far has felt very natural, very right; it has all kind of fallen into place and is has just been lovely.”

And clearly Warren feels the same. “Obviously there was a strong physical attraction between us,” he tells !.

“But I definitely knew pretty quickly that I’d met my match mentally, too. She had got into my head.

“To me if feels like we’re best friends, who laugh all the time and make one another happy. The friendship, the humour, the honesty and the shared values we have is what holds it all together. And I think that’s a pretty good starting point.”

But both admit they struggled over whether to tell Melinda’s fellow The Jump contestants that they were becoming a couple.

“We did have that conversation of ‘How’s this going to go down’ What if they think it’s unprofessional We were both there to do a job, after all,” Melinda admits.

And she confesses that meeting Warren put paid to her plans to steer clear of men.

“Having been in a relationship for so long, I’d intentionally decided that I would stay single for a while. I just felt it was really healthy to have a bit of time out. But with Warren, the timing was right,” she says.

To read more of the interview with Melinda and Warren, pick up the latest copy of ! magazine.