The Jonas Brothers Twitter Page Shuts Down

The Jonas Brothers Twitter Page Shuts Down

As more rumors continue to circulate about the Jonas Brothers feud, the band”s Twitter account was shutdown on Wednesday (October 17).

The group consisted of the three brothers Kevin, Nick and Joe shocked their adoring fans last week with the sad news that they have to cancel their upcoming tour just two days before it was set to kick off.

But as of Wednesday evening, the “@JonasBrothers” tweet page is now considered as a page that doesn”t exist on the social media site.

The three band mates/brothers have yet to make any comments about the situation nor have they updated their social media sites since early October.

According to the group”s rep, the tour was called off due to a “disagreement over their music direction,” but now it appears there may be more issues that they need to resolve in order for the band to stick together.

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