The Jonas Brothers' New Album: Donezo!

The Jonas Brothers' New Album:  Donezo!

Just in time to hit the road for a Latin and South American tour, the Jonas Brothers have completed work on their new album.

Speaking to Celebuzz, Nick Jonas announced, “The new album is finally done, and we are so excited. We wanted to take a little extra time on it to make sure it was right, and we”ve been working for almost a year now on it and it”s time and now we”re back on the road.”

Excited to share the tunes with their fans, Kevin Jonas added, “We”re just really looking forward to seeing the fans again. The fans down there are so passionate and so exciting, and I can”t wait to share that with [my wife] Danielle.”

It”s been almost four years since their last studio release and the eldest JoBro dished on how this album would be different, saying, “I”m in a completely different place than I was when we wrote our last album three years ago. I”ve been married now for three years. I”ve been through a lot, so much good. And I”ve learned so much about Danielle and myself. … I”ve really grown as a person too. I was very excited to put that into music. Everything I write, there”s a piece of Danielle in each part of it. Each one of the guys as well puts their own personal stamp on it.”