The Game — Thinks Amanda Bynes Killed a Guy in Arizona

Exclusive 052913_the_game_launch
The Game thinks Amanda Bynes killed a guy in Arizona … because The Game totally thinks Amanda Bynes is Jodi Arias — whoopsies!!!

Game was hanging out in NYC Tuesday night — when we asked if he”d been following the crazy Bynes saga … to which he replied, “F**k Amanda Bynes … isn”t she the killer She the person that killed somebody or something”

Turns out Game was just thinking of Jodi Arias … that heartless biatch who slaughtered her BF in AZ … and when our cameraman corrected the rapper, he joked — “Yeah, I get my killers mixed up.”

Check out the video — it”s pretty funny.

Of course, Bynes is no killer — but she did ask Drake to “murder” her vagina a few months ago … so, yeah … there”s that.