The Game — $40k Diamond Bonanza … Hey, I’m With CASH MONEY Now

Exclusive 1014-the-game-cash-money-instagramThe Game is taking his new deal with Cash Money Records to heart … “cause right after he signed his contract, the rapper dropped $40,000 on celebratory jewelry for himself AND his new boss, our sources has learned.

As you may know … this weekend, Game announced he joined Lil Wayne”s Cash Money crew — and a few days before the info went public, he prepped by hitting up Jason of Beverly Hills for a pair new diamond chains. One for himself and one for Birdman, the president of CMR.

Game ordered two pieces — one gold and one platinum — each sporting a diamond encrusted medallion featuring the Cash Money logo. 

There was a catch — we”re told Game put a rush order on the jewelry “cause he wanted it by the time he made the announcement.

Sources close to the deal say Jason”s team pulled back-to-back all nighters to make it happen … and even slept at the shop … but in the end, he met the deadline and everyone was happy.

Bling, bling.