The Bachelor”s Ben Flajnik Greets a Contestant on Horseback

Apparently, just walking up to The Bachelor for that first awkward meeting has become too mundane.

Take Lindsey, a contestant vying for Ben Flajnik”s heart this season, who chose a novel way to greet him: she rode in on a horse named Levi.

And she certainly succeeded in getting his attention.

Upon seeing her ride toward him on the horse in this clip from the season premiere – which airs Jan. 2 (8 p.m. ET) on ABC – he let out a yelp of surprise.

“Nice horse,” he said. “That”s crazy. That”s a hell of an entrance.”

After Lindsey introduces herself, Flajnik offers to help her down. As she falls into his arms he says, “I”ve never dismounted anyone off of a horse before.”

But he was the only one who seemed impressed. Once the other women caught wind of Lindsey”s stunt, they were immediately suspicious.

“I don”t like the girl with the horse,” observed one.

“I don”t either,” replied another, eyes narrowed.

“Screw you and the horse you rode in on,” still another tells the camera.

Alas, peace and harmony do not seem to be the prevailing feelings in the house this season. Another woman tells the camera, “I came here to fall in love with Ben Flajnik. So tonight I”m willing to do whatever it takes.”

Another woman sums it all up this way: “I see some people who already have their claws out. And they”re ready to pounce.”