The Bachelorette"s Jef Holm: I Wanted Emily Maynard to Pursue Me, Too

Jef Holm
Despite arriving via skateboard, entrepreneur Jef Holm, of St. George, Utah, got off to a slow start with The Bachelorette“s Emily Maynard. But when the 27-year-old spoke with reporters Thursday, he explained how that pace was all part of his master plan.

You seemed to proceed with caution from the beginning.
When I first got to the house, I realized every guy was going full steam ahead for Emily, surrounding and swarming her. That”s not how I am with girls. I was the only guy who played it cool and wanted her [to know she was] going to have to fight for and pursue me, too.

You wanted to kiss her in Bermuda, but held off until London. Why
I wasn”t ready to take it to the next level. If we developed feelings, I want them to [go] both ways.

Do you think it put you behind
I didn”t feel like I had to catch up. All the guys thought I was crazy and blowing it, but didn”t realize Emily and I were sharing looks back and forth … We started off slowly and developed a really good friendship. As time goes on, that friendship turns into more and more of a romance.

What did you like about Emily
She”s the most amazing girl I”ve ever met. I had no idea how well spoken and smart she is. She”s a great mom – patient, loving, good in difficult situations, composed, sassy, sarcastic. She”s always herself and doesn”t care if cameras are watching her. And she”s gorgeous.

What are your feelings on becoming a stepdad
I want to skateboard and play soccer with [Ricki] and that”s something Emily and I connected over. I can”t wait to be a dad. At this point on the show, in Prague, I could definitely see myself being a father to Ricki and a husband to Emily.

If it”s not you, who would make the best husband to Emily
There were some amazing guys there. I think the world of Arie. Sean is a faithful, genuine guy. Chris and Doug are great. Now that Ryan is gone, everybody is there for the right reasons.

Give us a tease for next week”s episode.
As I got a date in London, my time for another date isn”t really up but [we] do get to spend some time together. This is a huge pivotal moment in our relationship. And there”s a big, surprise elimination.

If you don”t wind up with Emily, would you be the next Bachelor
I learned a lot about myself and met an amazing person so I”m glad I went, but probably not. I”m kind of done with the whole dating on TV thing.