Terrell Suggs — Vladimir Putin Would NEVER Take My Super Bowl Ring

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Terrell Suggs is no punk bitch … and tells our sources if Vladimir Putin ever tried to jack his Super Bowl ring (a la Robert Kraft) … he”d MAN UP and get it back.

The Baltimore Ravens badass was leaving Boa in Hollywood this weekend … when we asked how he would react if he was in Kraft”s shoes when the Russian prez reportedly strong-armed the New England Patriots owner out of his ring during a 2005 encounter.

(FYI — Putin”s people swear Kraft offered the ring as a gift. Suuuuure.)

“I would get it right back,” Suggs said … “He would give me MINE back for sure.”

When we insinuated that Putin was “kind of a scary guy,” Suggs shot back — “That”s OK. I know a lot of scary guys.”

He did play with Ray Lewis