Terrell Suggs — Manti Te’o Is Welcome in the Baltimore Ravens Locker Room

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NFL superstar Terrell Suggs doesn”t care how many not-dead-fake GFs Manti Te”o had … he”d still welcome the ex-Notre Dame stud in the Baltimore Ravens locker room.

Suggs was in NYC when we asked if he”d work with Manti if the Ravens drafted him, and he said … “Manti Most definitely.”

He added, “He”s got a future, man.”

Suggs” comments are a huge vote of confidence for Te”o … because some experts have said the whole Ronaiah-Lennay mess might make NFL teams think twice about drafting him.

Oh, and you gotta see why T-Sizzle says the NFL Scouting Combine is a “s**tty” way to judge a player”s skills. It”s interesting since his own coach was pretty critical of Te”o at the Combine.

But are you gonna argue with a 6″3″, 260 lb. Super Bowl champ and ex-Defensive Player of the Year

Didn”t think so.