Temple Tries to Shake Down Mel Gibson

A Southern California temple is trying to shame Mel Gibson into undoing a mess it created by taking out a jumbo loan on its synagogue — a loan it can”t afford to pay back.

Congregation Beth Shalom, located in Corona, sent Mel a letter — obtained by — in which it is requesting big money from the actor to prevent foreclosure.

Now here”s the shameful part.  In a move resembling a dude accosting you for money at a gas station,  the letter reads in part, “Our proposal to you, Mr. Gibson, is since you have been cited as an Anti-Semitic, and have denied those allegations, what better way to prove to all your fans and the nay Sayers — than to endorse and help raise funds for our cause — SOS, Save Our Synagogue.”

0126_the_templeThe letter ends with this: “Mr. Gibson, we offer you to be a Mensch and make a sizable contribution to our cause.”

We know Gibson has contributed a fortune to a bunch of L.A. charities, including $5 million to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center — a Jewish hospital.

Mel”s rep tells … he knows nothing about the request but wishes the temple all the best.

The real issue …. Who knew there were Jews in Corona