‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans — Goes Back to Jail … With a Smile

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Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans can”t manage to stay out of jail … even after copping a plea deal to stay out of jail. 

Jenelle was in court Monday for uber-serious drug charges … including heroin and illegal Percocet possession.  A drug paraphernalia charge was added for good measure, because cops say they found wrapping papers and a pipe.

Jenelle copped a deal with prosecutors and pled guilty to the paraphernalia charge. In exchange the other charges were dropped. She was slapped with 18 months unsupervised probation … but no jail time.

That is, until the judge had her randomly drug tested Monday morning.

Jenelle”s attorney tells our sources … the MTV star tested positive for marijuana and the judge sent her to the slammer for 48 hours.

Here”s the good news … It takes more than a few days in the pokey to wipe that stupid smirk off her face … just check out her latest mug (above).