‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood — Ordered to Pay Up After Mooching Off Poor People

0429_amber_portwoodTeen Mom” star Amber Portwood has been ordered by a judge to pony up some cash to the rental home company who was suing to evict her … after the reality star was caught free-loading off government housing.

As our sources first reported, while Portwood was still rotting in jail, a rental company sued her for eviction after they discovered she lied about her “low-income” (she made $280K in 2010) … which disqualified her from their subsidized government housing.

An Indiana judge ruled this month in the rental company”s favor after Amber never even bothered to respond to the suit. Portwood must pay the company $673 within 30 days or risk further legal action. 

Of course if she can”t find the cash … jail is free.