Teddy Ruxpin Creator — I’ve Got a Serious Beef with ‘Ted’


The guy who created Teddy Ruxpin isn”t exactly flattered that his creation got a shout-out in Seth MacFarlane“s new movie “Ted” … in fact, he wishes the movie had NEVER been made at all.

You remember Teddy … that iconic talking stuffed animal from the “80s who preached love, friendship and other things of the heartwarming sort. He was adorable.

So when Teddy”s creator Ken Forsse saw the commercials for “Ted” — a teddy bear who drinks, smokes, fights and tries to bang floozies — he felt it was an affront to the entire stuffed animal community. 

Ken tells our sources … he believes a teddy bear is a wholesome kids product which shouldn”t be portrayed in a negative light.

“I wish they hadn”t done [the film]” … Ken adds.

The feeling is probably mutual — “cause in the movie, Ted lays a beatdown on Mark Wahlberg after the actor says he would”ve rather had a Teddy Ruxpin doll.

Fightin” words.