Ted Nugent’s Drummer — Popped for DUI After Boozy Golf Cart Ride

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Mick Brown — the guy who bangs drums for Ted Nugent — learned the hard way … golf carts do not make good getaway vehicles, especially when drunk — and now he has the DUI charge to prove it.

It all went down at the Waterfront Pavilion in Maine on Sunday night … the Bangor PD says the drummer hijacked a golf cart from backstage after the show and went on a booze-filled drive session through the nearby town.

Cops tried to put an end to the drunken joyride ASAP … but according to police, Brown was having none of it and led them on a slow-speed chase … allegedly shoving a cop off his cart at one point to continue his get-away.

In the end, cops say it took two different officers to finally tackle the 55-year-old from the g-cart and slap some cuffs on him.

Brown was then hauled off to Penobscot County Jail — where he was charged with Operating Under the Influence, Driving to Endanger, theft and assault.

He was released on $4,000 bail.

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