Ted Is Funny (Enough)

Mark Wahlberg and Ted

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John (Mark Wahlberg) is like any guy caught between his girlfriend and his best friend.

Only John”s love is the far-too-good-for-him Lori (Mila Kunis, delightful as usual), and his buddy is Ted (Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane), a magical bear John wished into being when he was a kid, who now has a penchant for hookers and pot.

The bear is profane and hilarious, getting John to blow off work to smoke doobies and watch Flash Gordon many more times than can possibly be healthy. But the movie misses with a kidnapping plot that first-time film director MacFarlane clumsily telegraphs far too early.

Also, If MacFarlane wants to prove he can do more than dominate Fox”s Sunday-night animation lineup he needs to stop relying on his Family Guy shtick of taking nasty potshots at fading celebs.

After all, Superman Returns may not have been worth its weight in Underoos, but Brandon Routh does not deserve the shellacking Ted hands him. There are occasions when it”s okay to keep it classy.